Great Western Corporation, Brisbane Australia


A Corporation of Substance

Great Western commenced business in Toowoomba in the 1930’s. After World War Two Western Transport was founded by Cyril Anderson and his brother Curly which grew to become, in the 1950’s to early 1960’s, the largest road transport company in Australia. During the evolution of Western Transport, the group began to develop the strategic ability to diversify and rationalize operations to ensure long term growth and profitability.

Pioneers of Partnering

In the early days of Western Transport, the group created a division to import, manufacture, maintain and market trucks. This led to the establishment of manufacturing facilities for Mack Trucks and Leader Trucks in Australia. These activities were complemented by a range of imported products which, over the years, have included major brands such as Mazda cars, Kato cranes, UD trucks, TCM forklifts and NYK reach trucks.

This background has provided Great Western Corporation with the credibility to successfully introduce international businesses to the Australian market, and enable their products to achieve their full potential.

Integral to this strategy is an ability to build long term business relationships and to provide the necessary marketing intelligence to help our business partners adapt their products to best suit the needs of the Australian customer.

Growth and Development

A strong focus on developing strategy gives Great Western Corporation the ability to identify and focus on opportunities.

Great Western Corporation is now focused on servicing customers in the agriculture, mining, public utilities, manufacturing and transport industries, providing our customers with market driven value propositions that enhance their businesses. Great Western Corporation will continue to grow by internal expansion and by acquisition - developing, acquiring and integrating operating businesses into established corporate infrastructure.

Resource: Printed: 2017-07-27