Great Western Corporation, Brisbane Australia

Corporate Profile

Great Western Corporation is a privately held Australian group managing significant assets and revenues exceeding $100 million. The group has a substantial and balanced financial base comprised of property holdings, shares in public and private companies, as well as investments in manufacturing, importing, and distribution businesses.

This investment mix provides a stable foundation for the various trading businesses which form Great Western Corporation.

Great Western Corporation Pty Ltd (GWC) is comprised of, and manages, some of the operating businesses that originated from a transport business which started in Toowoomba in 1934.

After the public listing of GWA International Limited, some of the remaining investments were retained as GWC, together with significant shareholder investments and an equity portfolio.

Mr Andrew Thornton

Managing Director: Westco
The division is comprised of the Westco Truck Sales commercial vehicle dealerships located in Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Toowoomba.

Managing Director: Property
Property division acquires, manages, improves and sells commercial properties. Properties occupied by owned operations are also managed by the Property Division.

Mr Chris Thornton

Managing Director: Manufacturing
The division is comprised of the business units Great Western Manufacturing, Leader Truck Bodies, Excel Agriculture and Great Western Tillage.

Mr John Thornton   MAppFin, B.Com, BInfTech

Non Executive Director
Mr John Thornton was appointed a Director of Great Western Corporation Pty Ltd in 2010. He is currently a member of the institutional equities team at RBS Morgans Limited. He joined RBS Morgans Limited in 2005. He was previously employed at Ice Media as a software engineer. He holds a master of Applied Finance, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Mr Richard Thornton   CA B Com LLB (Hons) LLM

Non Executive Director
Mr Richard Thornton was appointed a Director of Great Western Corporation Pty Ltd in 2010. He is also an Executive Director of GWA Group Limited. He joined GWA Group Limited in 2002 as Group Taxation Manager and Treasurer and was appointed Company Secretary in 2003. He is a Chartered Accountant and is experienced in accounting, taxation and finance through positions at Coopers & Lybrand, Citibank and Ernst & Young in Australia and overseas.

Mr Jonathon Skinner

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary
Develops and controls the business infrastructure: finance, compliance, reporting and monitoring systems; policy and board secretarial functions.

Corporate Capability

Our history demonstrates our ability to structure, finance and operate substantial projects with local and overseas partners.

The most recent project being our involvement in the iconic Q1 Tower joint venture on Queensland's Gold Coast - at the time the world's tallest residential building - having a project value in excess of $420 million.

Our People

Our greatest asset is the quality and commitment of our people. Great Western Corporation's success and reputation is due to the calibre, capabilities and contribution of the Corporation's employees.

Great Western Corporation treats all people with respect and decency, protects their rights and meets all employee obligations. Employees protect the Corporation's reputation and rights, discharging their obligations to the company, committing to the success of the businesses they work with.


The corporation provides quality products, utilizing appropriate facilities and business practices, minimizing resource use while maximising possibilities for re-use and recycling. All business units operate carefully within the environment, mindful of legal obligations, intent on minimising environmental impacts.

Resource: Printed: 2017-07-27